IOM (NIM) Intraoperatif monitör Cihazı

Intraoperatif Monitörizasyon Cihazı 

The use of intraoperative neuromonitoring on a daily basis contributes to securing surgical and postoperative results, particularly in neurotology, otolaryngology, and spine surgery.

The preconfigured parameters of the NIMBUS i-Care intraoperative neuromonitoring facilitate safe use and improve the operability of the surgical team. They were chosen based on scientific literature and user experience, in order to help:

  • locate the functional areas of the cortex and subcortex by direct electrical stimulation;
  • locate and check the integrity of the cranial nerves;
  • locate the nerve fibers to be cut or preserved (peripheral nerves, spinal roots).

To meet these different needs, NIMBUS i-Care intraoperative neuromonitoring offers four main configurations:

The surgical team visually and audibly follows the transmission of stimulation and the muscle response in real time. The sound response intensifies as it approaches a nerve with the associated muscle response. The electromyographic response is visible on the monitor screen and freezes when a predefined threshold is exceeded, allowing the curve reading time to be increased. The user also follows, in real time, the latency and amplitude measurements of each channel.

Intraoperative neuromonitoring with the NIMBUS i-Care guarantees high-quality results by preserving false negatives and positives through continuous impedance monitoring. The patient interface constantly monitors the positioning of the muscle collection needles and alerts the user when signal is lost. Automatic detection and removal of stimulation artifacts helps prevent false positives.

The surgeon can record up to 150 hours of muscular responses during the surgical procedure and extract them immediately using the device’s USB port to add to the patient’s file.



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