The basic Ergocard Clinical is the ideal solution for your cardiopulmonary exercise testing needs from pediatrics to high range athletes/sports medicine applications. The system features NDIR CO2 and electrochemical O2 sensor.

The lightweight Ergocard features a special flow “pitot tube” transducer, while having the lowest resistance with insensitivity to humidity and turbulence. The temperature of exhaled gas is accurate and linear up to 20 l/sec 350 l/min nominal ventilations. The system can be used with either a face mask or a mouthpiece.

Expair software assists and guides the operator before, during, after the test. The easy gas and volume calibration ensures quality control from the beginning of the test to the results. Featured in the standard configuration are the following testing options.

Basic Spirometry: Includes Forced Vital Capacity, Slow Vital Capacity, Maximum Voluntary Ventilation and Minute Tidal Ventilation including bronchochallenge testing software.



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